Executive Chair and Founder

About Adam

Adam Starkey is the Executive Chair and founder of Green Gourmet. He is also a director of the School Food Trust, Tarnside Consulting Ltd and the Local Enterprise Partnership for Gloucestershire.

Adam particularly loves green smoothies and can often be found in the Green Gourmet kitchen creating new concoctions.

My Food Memories

When I was a teenager I was very tall and grew 6 inches in one year.

This meant that I was always hungry and had trouble consuming enough food to keep me going.

I had always liked cooking and particularly liked cooking fast, so my breakfast of choice was pancakes, and lots of them. I got so fast at making pancakes that I fancied my dream job would be working as a “short order chef” in an American diner where I could cook pancakes with one hand whilst doing “eggs over-easy” with the other.

I would make 10 or 12 pancakes and stack them up to keep warm under the grill. I would then bodge  holes in this stack so that when I poured maple syrup over the top it would absorb more before it started leaking off the edge of the plate. Then I cut it like a birthday cake to  eat it slice by slice.

Those were the days when I could eat whatever I liked and still be painfully thin!

About Us

Green Gourmet creates dynamic and healthy eating food brands and supplies a large range of Farm Assured and Red Tractor Accredited meat, poultry, MSC and MCS fish, vegetarian, organic, gluten free and bakery products for the food service markets.

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The Moorings, Bonds Mill, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3RF

T: 01453 797 910
E: delicious@greengourmet.co.uk

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