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About Matt

Matt Joined Green Gourmet in April 2014, after spending almost 6 years overseas, in the Philippines, Mauritius and the Netherlands. Matt has gained wide-ranging experience within the international seafood sector and has in-depth knowledge of both food manufacture / Export & Intercontinental trading of food stuffs into the European Union. 

Matt is an explorer at heart and has already crossed Kilimanjaro, trekking across the Middle East and the world’s highest bungee jump off his bucket list.

My Food Memories

A food memory that really sticks in my mind dates back maybe 15 years, when I was visiting a friend who lived in Monterrey, a city located in Northern Mexico approximately 2 hours from the US border.

She was called Jeimy Marisol Martinez Galaviz and was probably the most passionate foodie that I have ever met. She could talk about food for hours and every meal was an event. So when she told me she was going to take me to the greatest taco place she had ever experienced, I was gripped with excitement.

I followed her through the streets of the city, so many pungent smells, some good, some bad and colours attacking our eyes as we walked passed 100’s of market traders selling chillies, spices, fruits and meats hanging up in the burning sun.

With my anticipation building, I then became a little uneasy as we entered what looked like a really rough part of the town.

The houses became ramshackled and the people less well dressed. I followed her down a narrow alley with dogs barking in the background and suddenly she stopped and stood in front of a little back yard door. I was thinking to myself, “where the heck has she brought me”! “Best tacos she has ever tasted”… She opened the small wooden door and led me into a tiny court yard attached to a small house.

The yard housed a few small plastic seats, plastic tables and a piece of tarpaulin hung from the walls, creating a modest roof providing shelter from the scorching sun.

We sat and a little woman walked out of her house and greeted us with a big smile. I’m still sat here thinking to myself where are we? There was no menu to talk of, but Jeimy already knew exactly what she wanted. A few minutes later we were presented with a huge banana leaf that was awash with gorgeous, spicy, pungent slow cooked beef and pork. Red, yellow and green salsas that exuded the strong but tempting aroma of chipotle and habanero and finally the freshly baked corn tortillas that were wrapped in a steaming cotton towel.

I  thought to myself, so, so simple, but then I guess all the best foods are simplistic in their design. We both took a bite then immediately looked at each other smiling. We both had the same thought running through our minds “oh my goodness, soooo good”!

About Us

Green Gourmet creates dynamic and healthy eating food brands and supplies a large range of Farm Assured and Red Tractor Accredited meat, poultry, MSC and MCS fish, vegetarian, organic, gluten free and bakery products for the food service markets.

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