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My Food Memories

I remember when…

Curly Wurlys were huge, Snicker’s was called Marathon and a Mars a day helped you ‘work, rest & play’. It’s fun to look back on the simplicity of life without technology, in an age where 3 pence sterling bought you a world of delights. Most of which contained high levels of sugar but there were very few instances of diabetes compared to today’s society. That’s probably because it was prior to the technological revolution so we had to move in order to make progress. No computer games and no balancing our lifestyle with an app, no Facebook or Instagram to guide us through life. We’re all so busy finding sticking plaster’s to the problems that are self-created, have we forgotten to just keep it simple? Can food happiness be as simple as healthy food with provenance & moving around (Plus a few Curly Wurlys for good measure)?

My favourite food…

Like Neil our Sales Director, I have to say that my favourite food is Pizza – probably the most versatile food in existence, and one of the few that gets better with age. Yes, I one of my guilty pleasures is eating vintage pizza the following day – a delicacy I discovered during my years as a student although there is rarely any left. Favourite toppings for me would be chicken, olives, pineapple & Parma ham. Delicious.

My earliest memory…

I have a few early food memory’s and all of them I remember with great fondness. I was fortunate to come from a large Irish family & had wonderful cooks on both sides. Traditional Irish soda bread with soured milk accompanied by homemade marmalade brings back some great memories. As does the Christmas fruitcake my gran used to make several months in advance and licking the mixing bowl from the cake batter of fairy cakes in preparation for a birthday celebration.

I have always loved…

Peanut butter – I love how the product has evolved with the times. From the early Sun-pat days to Whole Earth crunchy, organic three-nut butter. This would be my desert island food if I could only choose one.

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