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About Pete

Pete has brought a huge amount of experience and great in-depth knowledge of the food industry to Green Gourmet. Previously he was employed by Whitbread PLC, New Zealand Milk (UK) Ltd, 3663 and Kerry Foods.

What more can be said about Pete as he has already made his mark within Green Gourmet, but not just in his computer skills. Always remember he has a keen wit and is not slow in his response!

My Food Memories

Many of my early memories include food from the North East of England. My mother was a Geordie, born and bred in South Shields . I have fond memories of holidays spent at my Grand Parents up there....and the food.....Black and White Pudding, Pan Haggerty, Stotties, Pease Pudding, Tudor Crisps, Pig's Trotters in vinegar, Cucumber and Onion in vinegar (with roast beef) and NEVER to be forgotten, Fish and Chips at the seafront from 'Frankies's and Minchella's ice cream to follow. I can vividly recall the taste of the salt and vinegar on the chips….oh and the sand, which seemed to get into everything!

About Us

Green Gourmet creates dynamic and healthy eating food brands and supplies a large range of Farm Assured and Red Tractor Accredited meat, poultry, MSC and MCS fish, vegetarian, organic, gluten free and bakery products for the food service markets.

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