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About Caroline

Caroline is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and has worked in Human Resources since graduating in 2003. She has brought a fresh new approach to Human Resources at Green Gourmet since joining the company in February 2016.

As a keen runner, Caroline is usually running ten miles or so before most people get out of bed. She is training for anything up to half marathon distances. As a child Caroline did lots of baking at home with her mother, gingerbread was and still is her favourite that she now makes with her boys.

My Food Memories

When I’m asked about my favourite food, it’s actually my favourite people that spring to mind first and a memory of them and some kind of food!

When I think about my grandparents, I remember Grans amazing beef roasts and I can still recall the smell of and her incredible fish and chips – the batter was out of this world. It’s almost probably 25years since I’ve tasted those fish and chips but my mouth still waters now.

When I think of my parents I think of the ritual of fish and chips with mushy peas on a Saturday lunch time from the chippy with chocolate mousse for pudding and then Spaghetti Bolognaise on a Sunday lunch (because we had a mid week roast for various logistical reasons!). That same Spag Bol is a firm favourite with my two boys now, if I want them to eat a good meal without fussing then off to Grandma’s we go – it never fails!

I bake with my two boys as often as possible, I’m not the greatest baker by any stretch of the imagination but they don’t care about that, all they want to do is ‘decorate’ with as much icing and cake decorations as possible and most importantly get to lick the bowl – otherwise what is the point?!

My closest friendships all revolve around cake, my sweet tooth is legendary amongst my friends and I will never pass up on sweets, chocolate or most importantly cake.  The location of any get together is driven by where the best coffee and cake is. Whether its meaningless gossip or deep and meaningful conversations, they are all supported by cake, a lemon drizzle, or a lardy cake or some form of insanely chocolatey brownie.

I’m not the most adventurous with food, I have fairly simple tastes but I do have one food adventure that will stay with me forever.  My husband is a keen fisherman and golfer so when it came to our Honeymoon, Mauritius was chosen for its amazing golf courses and the potential to catch a Marlin. One afternoon we booked a fishing trip from the resort we were staying in and were taken out on a tiny boat with a local guide and two rods to catch what we hoped would be a Barracuda.  No luck on that front unfortunately, but I managed to catch myself a Snapper. We took it back to the fish restaurant at the resort and I proudly handed it over to the waiter who looked after us every evening.  He promised me a traditional Mauritian fish curry made from my prize fish and later that evening it was served to me looking, smelling and tasting incredible, alongside that evenings obligatory celebratory fizz!

So, as it turns out, my life revolves around food, family and friends and that makes a very happy lady!


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