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About Nigel

Nigel joined Green Gourmet in August 2011 after 14 years as a graphic designer at Kraft Foods in Cheltenham.

In a fast paced environment such as the food industry, his broad experience, adaption of skills and flexible speedy approach, drive the studio to deliver highly creative solutions in both web and print based design.

My Food Memories

I remember when my mum baked chocolate coated fudge and shortbread in our warm little kitchen.

I remember the soft crack of the chocolate and the oozing caramel leaking out the sides, then the crumbly shortbread base – they were amazing. I used to try and sneak into the tub when no-one was around but they were too crumbly to take anywhere – they had to be eaten on the spot and quickly, then quietly replace the lid without anyone hearing, all very stealth like.

Apart from the crumbs on the kitchen floor which I walked through the house…

A fab food memory for me was when I used to visit my nan in Northern Ireland with my mum and dad.

My cousin was a post man in Ireland and I used to go fishing with him when I visited, before any early start – we treated ourselves to the original ‘Ulster Fry’, it wasn’t the healthiest of choices but it was just a monster to look at, and a brilliant start to the day out in the fresh air by a roaring river; potato bread, locally made soda farls, wheaten bread, black pudding, beans, sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes (didn’t eat these – they scared me!).

On hot summer days in Ireland we used to get tubs of ‘pooh bear’ ice cream which had the most humungous pieces of honeycomb within it, I just loved looking over the counter at ‘Mauds’ ice cream shop and seeing how peppered with honeycomb the pooh bear was – the more the better, I couldn’t get enough. Also all the fresh bread from the bakery round the corner from my nans was just lovely, along with the cakes too!

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