About Sarah

After moving around much of the UK over the last 15 years, Sarah settled back in Gloucestershire with her family and joined the Green Gourmet Operations team in November 2014.

The majority of her role is supplier facing where she focuses on the supply and stock levels of ingredients and packaging to our producing factories and subsequently of Green Gourmet products to the cold stores. In her spare time, Sarah does enjoy quiet time in the garden or reading but does love having holidays in the sun or camping with her family.

My Food Memories

I have always loved fruit - apples, pears, blackberries, plums, pretty much everything (apart from grapefruit and we all know why that is - yuk!!! ).

When I was asked to write a note about my food memories, I’ll be honest, my initial thoughts were why on earth would anyone be interested and what can I possibly write about?  But actually, this experience has truly been a fond one and surprisingly has made me recognise the traits I’ve unknowingly continued to use and pass on through life. 

For a long as I can remember, my Nanny used to take me out picking fruit and berries. Whether it be in the garden picking red currants, walnuts or taking fun walks up the hill where we’d pick pots and pots of blackberries after my sister and I had exhausted ourselves climbing trees and steep slopes only to slide down again. 

She’d always remind us to pick the higher ones which was often tricky (in hind sight because of small animals toileting habits).  The best ones were always in the hard to reach places but as they say 'where there’s a will there’s a way' we always managed to end up with what seemed like mountains of them! 

Strawberry picking was a similar event although we’d go to a farm for them. Hours seemed to fly by, then attempting to carry your body weight in strawberries back with bright red hands, face and clothes from eating (what we thought was sneakily) as much as we had picked.  Eating fruit on its own, covered in sugar, with custard or ice-cream, in pies and crumbles, you name it, we ate it and loved it!

As I’ve grown, I’ve always and still do look out for fruit to pick. I used to take my children, but more nowadays my young nieces.

I take great pleasure in growing strawberries and picking the pears in my garden and making flavoured alcohol, jams and chutneys to pass around the family.  I particularly enjoy making a special apple or plum pie (with fruit picked from Mum and Dad’s garden) for my Dad as this is one of his fondest memories of my Nan.

There is definitely something to be said about the incredible sense of satisfaction gained from making something using homemade and fresh produce especially that has been grown or picked by yourself, not bought in a supermarket.  So thank you Nanny Marlise, for your love and kindness over years gone by and introducing me to the world of British fruit!

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