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About Tom

Tom joined Green Gourmet in May 2015, as Business Development Manager responsible for our travel & leisure clients. 

Tom brings with him vast sales experience and is a well travelled foodie! You'll find Tom on the golf course most weekends or in the local watching the rugby.

My Food Memories

Whenever I choose a holiday destination, my main consideration is what food I’ll be eating and this is by far the biggest influence.

Being half Thai, I’ve been extremely fortunate to spend a lot of time in Thailand sampling all of the fragrant culinary delights the country has to offer.

Food for me should be substance/flavour, over style and my idea of heaven is having dinner in an open air beach front restaurant on the south coast of Thailand……..sat on plastic chairs, eating the freshest seafood with freshly steamed Thai jasmine rice and drinking ice cold lager.  

Give me street food any day over western fast food! The smell of freshly marinated chicken being cooked over smouldering charcoal arouses an emotion in me which is un-replicable.

Growing up, whenever me or my brothers asked my mum ‘What’s for tea?’, her standard response was always ‘Whatever I’m making’. From a very early age I was exposed to a myriad of global cuisines and flavours which has resulted in me now being open to trying anything! People always say to me that I’m easy to cook for as I’ll eat anything……..within reason.

I live to eat, not the other way around and food is the main focus for me and my family when organising any social gathering or event and this is epitomised by the standard Thai greeting being ‘Have you eaten rice yet?’. Whether its chicken satay and green papaya salad on the streets of Bangkok or a tasting menu at one of the world’s finest Michelin Star restaurants, food is all about the experience and the memory it creates.

They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…………if you apply that theory with me, you’ll be just fine.


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Green Gourmet creates dynamic and healthy eating food brands and supplies a large range of Farm Assured and Red Tractor Accredited meat, poultry, MSC and MCS fish, vegetarian, organic, gluten free and bakery products for the food service markets.

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