Choice For Life We Care supporting you and your whole elderly care catering approach

Supporting You And Your Whole Care Home Catering Approach

Choice for Life We Care supports you and your whole elderly care catering approach across all care homes, retirement living and healthcare throughout Britain. This includes; resident superheroes, family, staff, volunteers, liaison teams, dieticians and industry bodies.

Our Choice for Life We Care brand promotes healthier people through eating well. Whether you are catering for elderly residents who eat meat, fish, are vegetarian or have food allergies, intolerances or special dietary needs, we understand a healthy diet provides the human body with essential nutrition which can be met from a variety of plant-based and animal-based foods.

The UK has emerged from a dark age in food where too often taste and quality were ignored.

We are now transforming ourselves and taking our place as one of the most exciting food cultures in the world - a unique blend of tradition, innovation and openness.

British produce is your Choice for Life

Great Britain is home to one of the most diverse and innovative food cultures in the world.

As part of the 5 Year program of Great British Food, Choice For Life will showcase our rich food heritage and traditions, and celebrate the people who grow and make it - our farmers, fishermen, manufacturers, caterers and chefs - and the beauty of the countryside and coastlines that it comes from. Inspiring all to choose British food for the best in taste and quality.

Looking for ideas for healthy seasonal recipes, menu planning, need help to achieve your Food For Life Catering Award, would like to order some samples or if you want to become a supplier, please contact us on