Tribal Cravings is a range of healthy eating, heat and serve fast-casual food. Inspired by world flavours and ingredients.

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Tribal Cravings the Next Generation                     

The next generation are pioneering, leading evolution and innovation in our healthy eating food developments.

In a 24/7 world where our technology never sleeps there is an increase in convenience in relation to food.

With the rise in instant or quick prepare heat and serve foods; digital technologies enabling faster and fingertip buying, a rise in on the go eating, increased availability and variety of food. Tribes of the world are more connected to their food than ever before.

Tribal Cravings and Social Transmission

Food is still social and a site for cultural transmission. The world village is becoming much smaller as we continue grow, explore and seek something more relaxed, more experiential, more personalised. Tribal Cravings preserves the balance of food between ingredients, flavour, healthy eating, quality, price and convenience.

Tribal Cravings Feeding Generation Z

Born after 1995 just kids and teens right now, Generation Z are the biggest population swell since the Baby Boomers, Although still very young, Zs are a group that are digitally and socially connected. A recent report shows Zs have the ability to multitask across more screens then Millennials (their older brothers and sisters), including; TV, mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers and iPods. They also use YouTube and other social media sites to conduct research for education assignments and food discovery.

Whether eating in student unions' ‘own brand of eateries’, the school canteen, food hall or visiting cafes and restaurants, these kids and teens tend to go out as a group and share their food. Their average party size is 2.4 and they enjoy a higher percentage of shared meals than any other generation. 

Gen Zs are also eating better than Millennials were at their age. A recent food report, indicates a shift among Gen Z toward more healthful food choices and snack foods, whilst maintaining perennial favorites. For example, while burgers are among the top three foods Gen Zs s, they eat them less than Millennials, favoring chicken burritos and pizza instead.

Tribal Cravings The Brand

Tribal Cravings is a forward-thinking food brand and will help how to explore and reach the next generation with a range of heat and serve fast-casual concepts all packaged up in around the world flavors and ingredients inspired from our own Tribe.

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