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As well as designing our food products in our development kitchen, we work with food suppliers to source the raw materials and ingredients, administer production at our partner BRC accredited manufacturing sites and manage the marketing and distribution of our food products to sites all over the UK and further afield.


Working closely with our suppliers  creates a win | win situation for both parties to push for seamless integration.

Quality & Standards

Aspire for 100% consumer approval by continuously testing the quality of our products and demanding high standards throughout the process

Evolve, not Revolve.

Working together to create innovation through design, not settling for the norm - but experimenting to push further.

You're in good company

"Compliments our business"

 We are a family owned and run business that has been successfully working with Green Gourmet since 2007.  Over the years we have grown our business and diversified into new food manufacturing areas encompassing new technologies and processes driven by the vision and support of Green Gourmets team. 
Green Gourmet compliments our business by developing innovative products that we manufacture, and delivers them to the mass market allowing us to focus on producing high quality food products which we pride ourselves on.

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